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Revised Ordinances of Honolulu

RECENTLY passed ordinance AMENDMENTS

ORD 19-032; ROH § 8-7.1 Real Property Taxation - Creates Bed and Breakfast Classification

ORD 20-13; ROH § 8-10.33 Exemption - Qualifying affordable rental dwelling units or affordable rental housing units

Revised Ordinances of Honolulu

Online ROH 2021 (linked to pdf provided by the Office of Council Services)
Chapter 8 (linked PDF has bookmarks for navigation)

    Article 1    Administration
    Article 2    Notice of Assessments -- Assessment Lists
    Article 3    Tax Bills, Payments and Penalties
    Article 4    Remissions
    Article 5    Liens -- Foreclosures
    Article 6    Rate -- Levy
    Article 7    Valuations
    Article 8    Wasteland Development
    Article 9    Nontaxable Property -- Assessment
    Article 10  Exemptions
    Exhibit 1   Central Kakaako Industrial Zone
    Article 11  Determination of Rates
    Article 12    Appeals
    Article 13    County Tax Credit
    Article 14    Tax Credit for Automatic Sprinkler System
    Article 15    Severability
    Article 16    Tax Credit for Septic Tank to Replace Household Cesspool